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There’s an old saying out there that the best way to make money is to do what you love. The sentiment behind it is great. However, the reality is that nobody really enjoys sitting inside of a cubicle, or dealing with an ever angry public every day. The jobs that actually involve people doing things that anyone could enjoy are few and far between. Worse, there’s so much competition that the chances of actually getting them is almost nill. However, that’s where another common saying can make a huge difference. Basically, one needs to work smarter instead of harder.

Yes, the official “fun jobs” are beyond most people’s reach. That doesn’t mean that one can’t create that job for themselves. There are ways to essentially monetize one’s hobbies. The best thing about this is that it also means being one’s own boss. It’s a chance to not only make money doing what you enjoy, but to also escape from the locked down rat race of office life. Who wouldn’t want to set their own hours, be their own boss, and actually have fun raking in piles of cash? Anyone reading this is sure to enjoy being online, and it’s general online activity that’s the best hidden money making secret right now.

It basically comes down to something known as TrustJacker. As strange as it might seem, it actually allows people to turn reading and posting links on the Internet into a money maker. The biggest secret behind it is something known as the Oprah effect. Most authors of the time would do almost anything to have Oprah mention their books on the air. It was an absolute guarantee that their book would sell. People trust Oprah, and if a book was associated with her opinion than they’d buy it.

The TrustJacker system operates on this principle, but with a social networking twist. The pdf goes into more detail, of course. But the general idea is that when people hear about something, they go to the web for more information. In particular, people are more prone to follow links to sites with a good reputation and whose content they trust. This is where the money making aspect comes in.

Imagine if someone goes to that trusted site and becomes interested in the topic. They might want to buy a product, vote to make their voice heard regarding an argument there, or just interact with it somehow. Now, imagine if every time they did that you got a piece of the sale. TrustJacker actually lets you do that. When you post a link using the system, it will automatically create a targeted advertisement for the person when they finish reading the page. More importantly, when the person purchases a product through that advertisement, the TrustJacker user will earn a piece of the sale.

The most amazing thing about the system is the vast size of the Internet, and the way social networking works these days. Everyone’s on social networking sites of one type or another. It’s a huge group of people who pass around links to each other, and which tends to have giant bursts of activity based on predictable trends. All one has to do is keep up with the things they’d be interested in as it is, post links with TrustJacker to social networking sites, forums, or even emails to friends, and let that ball keep rolling. It’s not just the initial sales from those links which are important. Obviously, it’s nice, but it wouldn’t live up to the promise of this review. Rather, what really brings in the money is that people share information with each other.

The initial group of people you share a link with will always have a percentage who share the link to others. Those people will, in turn, have a percentage who will share the link with others as well. And in all of those groups, people will click links, purchase products, and you can be the one who earns the money off of the sales. It’s easily the best, and perhaps one of the only ways to put that saying to use and let you make a career out of your hobby.